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If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then you are sure to explore a number of routes to various hearts. And for once, your man will not mind it!

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Made for You

Doubting the ingredients of home-made food is a sin. And at no point in time will we allow it. We believe, and we believe it for quite some time now, that a few sprinklings of love do not add to your calorie intake.

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Do you agree that food takes time to cook? Good.
So make your move latest by 11:30 am of the day you want your lunch.
If you’re late by a minute, then you’re late by a day. Get the math?

Lot Many Things Happen Here
We Deliver these with half of speed post

We serve in microwavable, biodegradable, keep-for-later-able, share-with-colleague-able,
impress the damsel-able containers within minutes of packing.
If you need anything more, #BowlsToYou